Remember Time Travel Part Uno?  Well, this is Time Travel Part Deux.  The rules are slightly different, but the question is the same: Do you go backwards or forwards in time?  David McFee takes our intrepid bunch on a quest to answer this and other questions, and hopefully avoid getting shivved.

This show was originally broadcast live on Mixlr with an explicit advisory warning.  The language has been bleeped for podcast, but it still contains adult themes.

Broadcast Live! on Mixlr 20th July, 2016 9:30 PM ET

Hosted by: David McFee
Panel: Dan Scott, Brett Roberts, David Torrelio, Trevor Mulligan, Nick Figel & Craig Levine

Kidtro provided by: Hal, aged 7.6547625 x 1014

*Safe for Little Ears*

Special thanks to Micah and Me for the use of their excellent song “Super Daddy Fun Day”!
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