S02 E27 How to Commit the Perfect Murder

Everyone watches homicide shows and thinks they could do it better, right? They could wack the dude, be home for tea, and never get caught. Here our SAHDs show their murderous underbelly in a competition that can only be described as reverse ‘Clue’. They present their plans on how to commit the perfect murder, and then vote on who is most likely to get away with it. (For entertainment only. Please don’t think we are crazy enough to do any of this.)

Note: This was supposed to me an ensemble cast show, but ended up just being me and Brett.  Now it is dark, maybe too dark, but don’t let that deter you from listening.

Prerecorded 12th January, 2018 1 PM ET

Hosted by: David McFee & Brett Roberts
End Clip by: Mike Ryan Simonovich

*Language Advisory Warning*

Special thanks to Micah and Me for the use of their excellent song “Super Daddy Fun Day”!
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