S02 E03 US v UK: which country’s 2016 decisions f$%&#d up their kid’s future the most

Broadcast Live! on Mixlr 27th Feb, 2017 3PM ET/8PM GMT: Flordia day/UK night, the UK affiliated SAHDPod members go back on their promise not to talk politics, and discuss Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to POTUS. Specifically, these little snowflakes try to determine which is worse for their kids.

Hosted Live by: David McFee
Panel: Ross Bell, Ben Fortune-Price & Mike Ryan Simonovich

*Language Advisory Warning*

Special thanks to Micah and Me for the use of their excellent song “Super Daddy Fun Day”!
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1 B-Side Meet (some of) the Cast UK & Eastern Daytime

SAHDPod – Where stay at home dads talk about their happy, SAHD lives!

The first in the B-Side series, David McFee introduces new (now old) cast members Ben Fortune-Price of the United Kingdom and Mike Alexander Ryan Simonovich of Gainsville, Florida to the SAHDPod audience. They chit-chat about themselves, their SAHD lives and why the online world is simultaneously crazy and endearing.

The Theme Song:
Special thanks to Micah and Me for the use of their rather excellent song “Super Daddy Fun Day”

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