Back from 2-yrs of wandering the wilderness, SAHDPod is once again fresh and eager to please. On this show, Kevin & Dave do something SAHDPod should have done a long, long time ago. They are reviewing the iconic Micheal Keaton/Teri Garr film, Mr. Mom.

So sit back and relax, and listen to the soothing logic of ‘Late Night w/Kevin & Dave’

SAHDPod has changed format. The ensemble cast is gone, replaced by 2 separate casts: Kevin & Dave will do one show, and Brett Roberts, Craig Levine & Dave will do the other. There may be the occasional special show, but that’s it. No more cast swapping.

Prerecorded 4th March, 2020

Hosted by: David McFee & Kevin Clem

*Language Advisory Warning*

Special thanks to Micah and Me for the use of their excellent song “Super Daddy Fun Day”!
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