Edit: Below is what the show “was”. What the show is now is a way for David McFee to talk to a few of his friends. The ensemble cast is gone. Season 3 – or as I like to call it, My Return of the Jedi, will definitely be the last.



The stay-at-home dad podcast that is ‘SAHDPod’ started as a Facebook post in the secret stay-at-home dad group, ‘The Lawn’, by David McFee on the 27th August, 2015.

David McFee First Post

That led to a second post on the 1st October.

David McFee Second Post

And with that a host group of 20+ members – thus show – was born.

From that day to this, the show’s goals remain largely unchanged:  Produce content as a collective, with any individual having free-rein to produce a weekly show; be between 40-60 minutes and relate to being a SAHD/dad; avoid politics and topics that could otherwise be divisive.  Ultimately we’re here to have fun, and we hope you can have a bit of fun with us.