David McFee: An Australian living in Palm Coast St Augustine, Florida, David has been a stay at home Dad since his daughter was born in 2014 stopped being an at-home dad ages ago, and got divorced in 2018. And to be honest, he was never a fan. He is now looking to get back into finally has his old life as an Environmental Scientist, but in the interim is working hard to get a rag-tag bunch of SAHDs together to build a sustainable missed this stupid podcast and wants to talk to his friends again. When he’s not in front of the computer, he enjoys hiking, biking and all things outdoors …Who am I kidding? My life is on the computer.  Connect with David through his website: davidmcfee.com or on twitter @dmcfee.

Kevin Clem: Father of two, husband of one (This is Dave – Kev’ needs to update this), and man of many interests. He rolls 20 sided dice, practices his photography skills on metal bands, dances in lines with large belt buckles, harnesses the power of satellites to locate tiny ammo cans hidden in public places, knows who shot first, gets lots of mileage out of his kitchen-aid, regularly turns his compost pile, searches for branches to add to his family tree, collects glass medicine bottles from the past two centuries, pretends to be an English peasant, has a i7 processor to ensure critical damage, knows the distinction between a scrub jay and blue jay, roots for Black and Orange, and passes on his love of all of these things to his children.

Craig Levine: Craig is from Parkland down in South Florida. A doctor’s husband with 3 kids, he practices realty in-between his dad duties and listening to Grateful Dead.  He has been on more SAHDPods than any other SAHD (Dave again, I don’t think this is true anymore. Brett might have the record), despite not thinking of himself as a SAHD anymore.  He is also often criticized for his love of Miller Lite, but he is immune to the slings and arrows of the haters.

Brett Roberts: Brett is from Ontario Canada (... and now lives in Qatar) He has been a stay at home dad for around 3 years now forever! He currently has 2 3 little girls that he looks after on a full time basis. Prior to becoming a full time dad Brett worked in the insurance industry as a senior adjuster.



Emeritus Members:

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson: Hailing from the cold of Western New York, Keith is a former SAHD. He was a stay at home caregiver when a whirlwind of circumstances all came together to make it possible (for good and bad). With a degree in Childhood Education, Keith, his wife and two very active sons try to make every day an adventure. Keith is a self-described dork, and loves most things geeky; from board and video games, to comics, sci-fi, Star Wars, and cartoons. You can see what is up with him at adventuresindaddyhood.com and on twitter @4daddyhood.

David Zaveloff: A native to the Philadelphia area, David is a father of two and a husband of one. He became a SAHD with the birth of his daughter three years ago, and added to the chaos when his son joined the mix a year ago. When not dadding and attempting naps, he runs a full time wedding photography business, renovates his 200 year old house, and consumes a somewhat-unwise amount of coffee in the attempt to balance everything.

Dan Scott:  Dan is a three-legged paragon of masculinity living near Fort Worth, Texas. He has had many jobs over the years, from bagging groceries to repairing aircraft to teaching at-risk students in high-poverty schools. He left the mundane world behind in March of 2015 to begin the Sisyphean task of raising his now 14 month old son, Liam. In his spare time Dan enjoys video games, genealogy, and “accidentally” leaving the window blinds open while undressing. When asked if he would do it all again if given the chance to start over, Dan will stare blankly into your soul while pouring another drink.He can be reached, eventually, on Twitter @dkevinscott or Facebook @dkevinscott

Nick FigelNick Figel: Nick became a stay-at-home dad in June of 2014. He gave up an exciting career as an IT Director at a small Texas college, trading deadlines and server outages for nap times and diaper blow outs. Since then he has weathered a cross-country move to Florida, life with the in-laws, and the joys of D-I-mostly-Y home renovation. He is thrilled to be finally living in his own house with a fully functioning kitchen that even includes a sink. He is also navigating the almost single parent life of being married to a general surgeon. Feeling inadequately challenged, the family will be expanding plus one daughter, due July 2016. When not hiding in a closet, banging his head against the wall questioning why he ever left Pittsburgh and the beautiful surrounding terrain with 4 seasons; he can be found working on his Nissan 300ZX TT or strolling the aisles of the local hardware store with his toddler son, just to get out of the house.

Aaron Phillips:




Rob Hulson:




Ben Fortune-PriceBen Fortune-Price (UK SAHDPod): Ben lives in the South-West of England with his wife and 3 children, aged 6, 5 and 15-months.  He is a stay at home Dad and full time carer for his wife Natasha, and between them they home-educate their children to give them the best resources, experiences and education possible.  As a family, they enjoy spending lots of time together playing games, snuggling up on cold days in their home made living room cinema and going out to science museums. Ben’s personal hobbies include operating a small recording studio, and learning game development and building a 3d printer with his son. When he’s got 5-minutes free, he can also be seen making his own washing powder, cheese and beard oil! Reach Ben via his twitter handle @VocalAudio or his DeviantArt gallery.

Trevor Mulligan: Trevor is a forty something year old who quit his job 5+ years ago to be at home when his first son was born.  In his previous life he worked in the advertising world for 20+ years, but he’s now an at home dad of two boys, ages 3 and 5.  He spends his time loving living the LA lifestyle, with the beaches, swimming, surfing and outdoor adventures all year long.  You can find Trevor on these Social Media outlets: InstagramTwitter, Blog and LA City Dads group Co-Organizer

Christopher M. BurkhardtChristopher (Drake) Burkhardt:  Chris is from River Falls, WI. Stay at home dad for 5 years who for fun builds computers and leads his oldest daughters Girl Scout Troop.



Mike Alexander Ryan SimonovichMike Ryan Simonovich: Mike is a Californian, transported to Gainesville, Florida, via Central New York. Before being a SAHD, he studied history in college, then worked in IT at schools and colleges. In his spare time, he bakes, gardens, hikes, reads, plays board games, watches old Star Trek episodes, and has strong opinions about the Oxford comma. He tweets at @msimonovich, and occasionally blogs at CUWF.blogspot.com.

Curtis Webster Jr.Curtis Webster Jr.: Curtis is a busy, work from home father to three beautiful little girls under the age of 8. He was blessed to capture the eye and heart of a future doctor when they were both in undergrad.  With a background in IT and Sales and Marketing, Curtis started up a Facebook group, Dads Married to Doctors, through which he was introduced to SAHDPod.


Pat Jacobs: Pat Jacobs traded wrapping burritos at Chipotle for wrapping babies when his first child was born in 2013 and has been an at-home dad ever since. He co-manages the Just a Dad 247 blog to help stay-at-home dads find resources, humor, and support throughout their days. He is also a board member for the National At-Home Dad Network and an Event Organizer for the Chicago Dads Group. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two children. You can find Pat’s blog at justadad247.com.

Tony Hernandez: Tony has been a Stay At Home Dad for seven years. He, his wife, and their son live in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina. Tony’s wife Lisa is an attorney specializing in defense work and Tony is a former Disability Examiner and Professional Educator. Photography occupies a good deal of his time when he has a break in his duties as a SAHD.


Allin Kimbrough

Lindsay (Allin) Kimbrough: A Mississippi native who lives in Arkansas, Allin is married to a physician and acts as chief diaper change officer for his toddler daughter and bulldog.  A music major in college, he worked in construction, the service industry, even a bouncer at one point until he became a massage therapist for 6 years until his daughter came along.


David Becker: David is a stay-at-home dad to his two daughters. He has been at home since day one and wouldn’t want it any other way! David is a man who wears many hats. He is very involved in his local government, a Blogger for ‘The Dad Report’, a volunteer firefighter, and the treasurer and board member for several local organizations, just to name a few. Let’s talk about someone who likes to stay busy! His best job to date is being a dad. David got involved with SAHDPod as a way to chat and share stories with other SAHDs around the world. Find him on Facebook: /thedadreport, Twitter: @thedadreport & Instagram: @thedadreport.

Matty McGraw: Dad of 3, Matty is an Indiana native transplanted to NorCal.  His bio on most social media sites reads, “stay-at-home dad, child of God, technology advocate, mostly harmless.”  An experienced podcaster, Matty runs TheG33kDadShow! about the intersection of parenting and technology. Nevermind the beard. When he’s not Dadding or Podcasting, Matty enjoys messing about with computers, reading, and peace and quiet. Follow Matty at: Twitter @sahg33kdad; InstaGram @g33kdad

Ross Bell (UK SAHDPod): Ross is the dad to a little girl called Molly.  If he’s not working a full 40 hours a week that he gets paid for, he’s working the

rest of those hours being a full time care giver. When he does get a spare hour or so, he’s the mastermind to a podcast empire that includes the award winning show Man on the Post.  He also co-hosts a regular wrestling podcast called Ring the Bell.

He’s a very active twitterer and can be found on numerous accounts, but mainly @RossBell1984, where he likes to rant and rave about various topics, but mainly children’s TV!

David Torrelio:  David is a 33 year old dad of a beautiful daughter, Ella.  Originally from western PA, he and his wife, Julie, moved 10-years ago to Jacksonville, Florida, where he pursued a career as an airline pilot flying Canadair Regional jets up and down the east coast, Midwest and Gulf states.  Realizing that his 4-day a week travel schedule meant that he would have limited time with his little girl, he and his wife agreed the best option was for him to stay home. Almost a year later, they both agree this is the best decision they could have ever made.

Davids hobbies include Xbox gaming, cycling, brewing beer and pickup soccer games. And sometimes after Ella is in bed, he works out while watching Netflix, Hulu or AmazonPrime.

Joël:  Joël is a stay at-home dad in an urban cultural diverse area. He has been a parent since 2008 with his husband Sean. In 2009, he started his at-home dad journey raising their two children. As a lifestyle blogger/vlogger Joël gives you a glimpse into his family, his interests, life and more. Find him at 3jsand1s.com as well as on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @3jsand1s; Snapchat him @threejsandones. Joël also serves as an Event Organizer for the LA Dads Group, which is part of the 20 city national organization of City Dads Group. He also blog contributes for the National At Home Dad Network.

Danny-MercerDanny Mercer: Danny has been a stay at home dad for the last 6 years.  A father of four from Georgia, you can find Danny on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube under his gaming name, AlStaysHome. He also owns the domain name alstayshome.com but has yet to do anything with it. Slacker! Danny loves blacksmithing, cigars, video games, D&D, and talking too much.


Rob HayesRob Hayes: Rob Hayes is a stay at home dad from Northern California. He has two children: a little princess and a cowboy. When his first child was born, his daughter, he and his wife decided it was really important that one of them stay home full-time until they start school. With his wife already well into a successful career, Rob took a demotion, working part-time at his old job in the evenings and full-time as a dad during the day . When his second child was born, he left his job all together and started driving weekends for Uber. He is currently going to school full time to receive his MBA, and has kept a solid 4.0 since becoming a father.

Manuel Nardi: Manuel hails from Italy via Los Angeles and currently lives in The DMV (Washington DC Area for the uninitiated) in Alexandria VA . He has been married to his wife, a Dermatologist finishing up residency, “officially” for 4 years and they have a beautiful 2 yr old daughter. Before being an SAHD, Manuel had two careers, the first one in the entertainment business and the second one in hospitality and food. Manuel loves sports, movies, trivia of all kinds, bad dad jokes(that he has been making since he was 8 yrs old), photography and he is an avid cook given his Italian roots. He defines himself , by his IG account, as a a Food connoisseur, an involuntary Comedian, a trivia Mogul and a professional dad. He is 6’2″ for 220lbs, he also enjoys puppies, sunsets and walks on a beach. wink emoticon 😉

Todd Mitchell: Todd is a work-at-home dad from Saint Louis, Missouri. He and his wife (an internal medicine physician at a major area hospital) have one child so far. After a decade in the software development industry—including employers in the tech industry, the United States Department of Defense, and a major industrial engineering firm—Todd retired to raise his son, write professionally, and develop video games independently. Most of his current professional focus is on entertainment journalism and writing about important community issues in the game industry. He once wrote a feature listing the very best fictional computer games from Clarissa Explains It All, which he later had the pleasure of discussing with show creator Mitchell Kriegman. When not working or tending to household affairs, Todd enjoys playing video games, drums, and working on fitness goals. He actively trains in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. You can follow Todd on Twitter, @MechaTodzilla, or his work through his professional blog at CodeWritePlay.com.