Edit: More old content. This is here for posterity. That said, if you want to take over SAHDPod, you can either buy it or I will give it to you for free if you can prove you’re not an arsehole. 


Ok, SAHDPod has more primary caregiver dads than airtime. Do we want more? Maybe. Are you located outside of North America, preferably in Australia or the UK? Or, are you on the West Coast of the US and have a buttload of experience?  If you answered yes to either of those questions, please continue…


Message us through our Facebook fan page < www.facebook.com/sahdpod/ > answering the following:

Why do you want to podcast?

What experience do you have, both in podcasting and technical?

What microphone do you use? (A dedicated microphone and headset is required)

When are you available to record?

What SAHDPod episodes have you listened to? (You need to know what we do)

Can you see yourself producing your own episode of SAHDPod? (We really need guys who can do this once and a while)

If you look like our kind of guy, we’ll get back to you and bring you into our Hosts group.  No one is expected to do this all the time – after all, you are a dad first – but we would like guys who can be available at least once a month.  We also prefer that you be a member of the National At-Home Dad Network Facebook group.  If they think you’re okay, we probably will too.