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David McFeeAlpha Dads (& Moms)
Craig LevineChildrens Birthday Partys: The whys, wheres and hows.
David McFeeKids: Why is it worth it? Millennials are apparently going selfish and not having them. Let’s discuss why we have kids and why it’s worth the effort.
David McFeeSpoiling your child: How much is too much? Are you guilty of giving your kids more than necessary? Let's discuss why and contrast it to what we had growing up.
David McFeeCleaning: The Unbeatable Boss. If SAHD life was a video game, cleaning would be the unbeatable boss. Let's talk how we manage or don't manage.
David McFeeChores: When should your kids start to pull their weight? Let's talk chores and allowances. As always, do the typical compare and contrast with our youth.
David McFeeShort leash/Long Leash: Do you let your kids roam or are you a helicopter parent? How much freedom should your kids get and why, and what is age appropriate?
David McFeeHomeschooling: The myth, the reality and the prejudice.
David McFeeDeath by Daycare: The plague not one tells you about. This is a show about your horror stories
David McFeeWhat do you want to be when you grow up? A look at the dreams we had and the hand we will play in our kid’s futures, particularly choosing colleges and other academic institutions.
David McFeeCargo Shorts: For or against? There has been backlash against these most useful items of apparel. Where do you stand? What other hated items can you just not live without?
David McFeeDaughters Dating: Is the daddy with a shotgun a reality, or do we just do the best we can to make sure they don't hate us? Are daddies with daughters thinking about this and what's their hopes for the future.
David McFeeWhat is the definition of a SAHD? - What's the strict definition, what's the more flexible definition? Let's talk about what is and what isn't SAHD. Further, what are the different types of SAHDs?
Ross BellSports: Do You Burden Your Kids With Your Teams? - We all follow a certain team in our sport of choice, it can bring us great joy and also crushing lows we were no doubt inflicted with these teams by our parents the question is do/will you do the same to your kids. Google Doc.
-Tech Devices to help take care of Baby: What's useful, what's not?
-Dad bloggers, bloggers in general: Do you blog or read blogs? Who, what, where and how?
David McFeeAbandoned SAHDs: Wives who travel and what that's like.
Kevin ClemGardening and kids: Basically, how much do the kids do and how much ends up on your table.
Kevin ClemGame night: Family game night ideas, what do you play; recommendations and tips.
David McFeeSAHDs on Vacation: Where did you vacation before, why, and where do you go now? What are ideal family vacations?
Trevor MulliganDad 2.0
Trevor MulliganDad Hacks
David McFeeCrazy Sh*t I have seen in the SAHD forums

We have all seen a bunch of SAHD crazy. Time to crack open a drink, aviod naming names, but vent as if no one will judge you.
Craig LevineSiblings. Pros, cons, & stories
Craig LevineGoals. Making new ones did you hit your old ones?
Poo stories. After dark edition NC 17 - We all got 'em. We got those poo stories. We got those times that make you question having kids, but realise that it is all part of the tapestry of life. This one we can test the idea of a show with a language warning. I would like others to weigh in also.
-Kids and TV: How much? How often? What's good and what's not?
-We all have an opinion about kids TV. Time to discuss viewing habits and shows.
-Bug out bags for SAHDs on the go: What do you pack and how do you pack it so you can get out of the house with a minimum of fuss? - We all have tips and tricks for getting out of the house. What do you do? What have you learnt? Is the kiddos age a factor?
-An irreverent look at Kids TV. After dark edition NC 17 - We all hate Caillou. We all wonder why Daniel Tiger wears no pants during the day, and pajama bottoms at night? Time to sit back with a drink and discuss the world of kids TV viewed through a SAHD's eyes.
-Date night: What do you do to keep the magic alive? - NO KIDS, just you and the Missus! What do you do? What do you do to make it work? All Dads face this, but is there anything unique to the SAHD?
-Go the Fragdaggle to Sleep! The 'how much' and 'how to' guide to sleep cycles. - Dealing with kids that don't sleep is as infuriating as dealing with kids that don't sleep. So, how to get your kids to go to sleep? How much sleep do kids need? How is this affected by age? And finally, do you get enough sleep?
-Dad's don't babysit: Being a caregiver and what that means? - The mantra is that 'Dads Don't Babysit', but what does that mean? What does being a caregiver entail? Do you also care for an ill wife or extended family? Are you the strong one, and how do you stay strong?
-SAHDs offline: How to connect with other SAHDs in the real world, or even SAHMs? - We chatted about how big the online is, but how to do transition this to real human interaction?
Christopher M BurkhardtDads in the media: What's the reality and the fantasy, the pros and the cons? - How are dads, and particularly SAHDs, portrayed in the media. From Mr Mom to Ashton Kutcher, what's the reality and the fantasy? And does it set an unreasonable bar for us?
-Education and the SAHD - We all have an opinion on education. So what grinds your gears? What do you love? What's a school? And is maths difficult? Common Core, homework, uniforms, private vs public, home school vs away school. These topics are all on the table.
-Screen Time: Kids with Phones, gaming systems, etc. - what's acceptable and what's not? - Parents rage about what is an acceptable amount of tech these days. So what's acceptable? Phones, iPads, gaming systems - they are all up for debate in this show where we discuss the dangers and advantages of giving your kids tech.
-SAHDs and mental health: All aspects, especially the positive! - It's a serious issue that we brought up in the first show, and it seems to be an epidemic in the SAHD community. What's the cause? What's the cure? And how can we all help?
Craig LevineSahds , exsahds and want to be sahds. Let's dive deeper into sahddom. Are you are the primary caregiver and how does that affect your sahd status?
Craig LevineWhat does a sahd do to get some alone time? - Is hiding in the bathroom a goto activity for 5 minutes of quiet. Let?s dive deeper into this topic. I know we all have our tips and tricks and we want to compare what works and what doesn't.
Craig LevineWould you trade your sahd status with your wife if you had a higher paying secure job? Do you realize how fortunate we are for having this special time with our younglings?
Kevin ClemMedia & Kids: How have things changed from when you were young? Do you share your old toys or cartoons? What things did you love and are they appropriate - politically correct? - for today's youth? How did you watch shows, movies, and is it different? e.g. Saturday morning cartoons. (Previous suggestion "Insert catchy title here- What influences of YOUR childhood are you hoping to ingrain on your kids, what is the same and what is different. Do you share your old toys or cartoons? Did you get to run free as a kid, how much freedom do you give yours? Basically a critical thinking assignment comparing and contrasting your childhood with your child's.")
Kevin ClemThe what are you drinking show. Do you wind down with a glass of wine, a beer or a good single malt? What's your poison - let's take a break and throw back a few and see what happens.
David TorrelioReturn to work: - Does being in a SAHD group motivate you to stay home longer
Do you have concerns about returning to work? Was your plan to stay home long term and has it changed?
Rob HayesWhat to expect when your wife returns to work? - The things that happen when your Wife's maternity leave ends. 1. Our Original experiences and stories. 2. Our Routines/tricks and daily life. 3. Blueprint for a easier transition, what we would do differently or changed the 2nd time around for dad's with multiple kids.
Chris BurkhardtSAHDs After Hours/Unfiltered
David McFeeLet's talk about pets, baby. - Cats, dogs, goldfish, turtles; what do you like? What do your kids have? Time to talk care, love and responsibility of pets. From the pet shop to flushing them down the loo, it's pet talk.
-Children's Books: The books we loved, do we share them with our kids, and what our kids read.
-Children's TV: The shows we loved, do we share them with our kids, and what our kids watch.
-Children's Movies: The Movies we loved, do we share them with our kids, and what our kids watch.
-Do you have boy & girls? How do they differ?
David McFeeSchool yard games, now and then. Discussing those dangerous games we played at school and how it is now.
David McFeeHoliday Special: Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Solstice. What are you stories, now and then.
David McFeeHoliday Special: Summer holiday stories
David TorrelioHow have you changed since becoming a father? Did you grow a beard? Have you become more emotional? Has your view on children changed? Has multiple children modified your behavior? Do you act a little zanier than before.....etc.
David ZaveloffSAHDpod time machine: What would you go back and tell childless you? What gear has been indispensable? How have you changed? How have your relationships changed? What would you do differently?
Dan ScottShow 1) “Dude! Where’s My Balls?!” SAHDs and Societal Emasculation

Feel like a pussy now that you are a stay-at-home dad?
Have you lost esteem in the eyes of other men?
Do you find yourself and your ideas cast aside now that your wife makes all the money?

If you can relate to any of the above questions, then this show is for you!

In this uncensored follow-up to the MANCARD episode of SAHDPod, we will explore the shifting power dynamic in households where the “man” is the stay at home parent. We may even discover that we still have balls.
Dan ScottShow 3) “Snipping SAHD” Family Planning from a SAHD POV.

Family Planning is important. Whether you want a shit-ton of kids or are happy to stop after just the one, the time comes when permanent action needs to be taken. Rubbers suck. The pill turns our women into psychotic hell-beasts. Surgery options for women aren’t worth the associated risks. That means it is up to us to go under the knife and have our nuts cut. In this episode, we will discuss all aspects of vasectomy, from the decision to have one to the actual procedure and the recovery process. Be prepared to hear a lot about our sacks.
Dan ScottShow 4) “Dad Fails”

We all make mistakes as parents, and they often hurt us more than they hurt or kids. (Why do we need all these goddamn feelings anyways?) In this episode, we discuss our lowest parenting moments and how we try to make up for them. We will tell ourselves that it is all ok, and that our kids will still love us. They will still love us, right?
Dan ScottShow 5) “Do As I Say And Not As I Do”

We all remember this one from when we were growing up, and we all have found ourselves saying or thinking it in regards to our own spawn. In this episode, we explore our own undesirable personality traits and habits that we now see our children mimicking, and how fucked up we think they will be if it continues.
Dan ScottShow 6) “Sins of My Father”

In this logical follow-up to episodes 4 & 5, we will explore our relationships with our own fathers, what baggage we might carry from then, and what traits of theirs we possess that we may or may not wish we had. How do we keep from repeating the same mistakes that our dads made so that our children do not have to live with them? What did your dad do right that you try to do with raising your own children? This episode will get really raw and personal, and I recommend we each grab a bottle of whiskey during recording.
Dan ScottShow 9) “Hand of Glory”-The Masturbation Episode

For dads with older kids, have you or your wife ever caught them “Punching the Preacher” or “Ringing the Devil’s Doorbell?” Have your children ever caught you in that particular moment? What was the fallout from the “incident?”
David McFeeCollege Days
Brett RobertsFirst porn or dirty magazine you ever saw
Brett RobertsFavorite movies that you want to be part of and why. What part you would be?
Brett RobertsRoad trips, where to and with whom
Kevin ClemSpring: hinking about "spring" topics. Kids on break, families coming in for Easter - the GODDAMMED Easter bunny and how fucking delicious cadbury mini eggs are and how the American version is a fucking travesty.
David McFeeConspiracy Theories.
David McFeeHot for Teacher: Hot Teachers who sleep with their students.
David McFeeChildhood Best Friend
I was watching the Goldbergs. Made me think of the kid who was my best friend from 7-15. And I did try and beat him up from time to time.
David McFeeGetting shitfaced: Do you remember when we used to drink constantly? Tell us your drunken tales.
David McFeeGoing solo: logistics of heading out with the kiddos. I was to hear: where you go, what you take, the planning involved, the benefits, the challenges (the looks from a critical public). How have things changed as the kiddos have gotten older, for better and worse. Regional challenges - UK vs US. Pre potty training vs post potty training. Trains, plans and automobiles. Grocery store, park and holidays.
Brett RobertsOther one is Major birthdays and how to celebrate: Trips and Parties. Adventures.
David McFeeYou cruise, I cruise, we all cruise. A show with boats.

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