*Remember, we record all audio. Unedited podcasts, including pre and post show, are uploaded to Soundcloud upon podcast recording session end. This link is made available to SAHDPod Hosts members, only!

Time (min):  Action

-30: Post Zencastr link on the Facebook SAHDPod Hosts page under the group event. This can be added at almost anytime, since the link is static from Zencastr. Remember: Zencastr only works in Chrome or Firefox

-10: Post Google Hangouts link (Dependent on if we are still using Google Hangouts).

00 – 05: Child Intro: “SAHD POD Episode #, Recorded Month Day Year” (Added in post if needed)

Music Intro: “Super Daddy Fun Day”

Host Intro: “Welcome to SAHDPod, where Stay at Home Dads talk about their happy, SAHD lives.”

(Host introduces himself and the co-hosts, scripted or unscripted, depending on the Host’s comfort level. Co-hosts are given time to respond and say “hello”.)

I’m your host, David McFee, the SAHDs joining me on tonight’s show are: Christopher (Drake) Burkhardt, Trevor Mulligan, Keith Johnson, and newbie Kevin Clem, another of our Nor-Cal dads.
Say hello fellas
(co-hosts respond)
If you want to know more, especially what these sexy beasts look like, get along to our website and check out the ‘cast’ page for cast photos, bios and contact info.

Sample Audio: (Host plays a sample audio clip, if possible, relevant to the topic. Avoid music samples.)

Topic Intro: (Host prepares and presents scripted outline of the topic, somewhere in the 200-300 word range. Host finishes by passing the topic to a predetermined member of the cast, who will receive the question ahead of time.)

05 – 10: Question 1: (If possible, have at least have 5 topic questions that the co-hosts know ahead of time.
This doesn’t mean you have to use them, but they are there when you’ve dead air.

10 – 15: Question 2:

15 – 20: Question 3:

20 – 25: Question 4:

25 – 30: Question 5:

30 – 35: Last Thoughts:

35 – <40: Host Outro: (Host wraps it up; thanks co-hosts.  Call to ask questions and subscribe to

Twitter, Facebook and iTunes.  Thank Micah & Me for the use of ‘Super Daddy Fun Day’.

Well, that’s wraps it up for tonight’s show. I’d like to thank my guests joining me on tonight’s show: Drake Burkhardt, Trevor Mulligan, Keith Johnson, and Kevin Clem.
Thanks fellas!
(co-hosts respond)
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Special Thanks Micah & Me for the use of the excellent ‘Super Daddy Fun Day’.

(Always end with:)

“Everyone have a ‘Super Daddy Fun Day’!

Music Outro: “Super Daddy Fun Day”

40>: Post Show: (Comments about show – Constructive criticism.)