S02 E14 Why should I go to HomeDadCon? Portland 2017 Preview Show

For the love of HomeDadCon Portland 2017, David McFee & Pat Jacobs (NAHDN Board Members) interview Aaron Canwell (Portland HomeDadCon Chair), Dan Scott (virgin HomeDadCon attendee), Brett Roberts (Raleigh 2016 attendee, advocate & Canadian) and Aaron Phillips (outdoors man, survivalist, at-home dad & Discovery’s Naked and Afraid alum) about what they expect, and why you should go, to the National At-Home Dad Network’s HomeDadCon, Portland, September 14-16, 2017. (Sign up for HomeDadCon here < http://homedadcon.org/ >)

Listen to all the Portland gossip and in addition you’ll hear about demonic donuts, bot flies, public transit and male bonding.

Broadcast Live! on Mixlr 13th July, 2017 10:00 PM ET

Hosted Live by: David McFee & Pat Jacobs
Guests: Aaron Canwell, Dan Scott, Brett Roberts & Aaron Phillips

Special thanks to Micah and Me for the use of their excellent song “Super Daddy Fun Day”!
Find them at http://micahandmerocks.com/

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