S01 E01 The Importance of Online Community to Stay At Home Dads

In this the inaugural episode, David McFee of sunny Palm Coast Florida, Craig Levine of Parkland South Florida, Danny Mercer of Georgia, and Matty McGraw of NorCal discuss why the online community is so important for SAHDs. We discuss how the internet has helped maintain our sanity in a world that is more often than not is shut off from the SAHD.

Recorded: November 20th, 2015

Hosted by: David McFee
Panel: Craig Levine, Matty McGraw & Danny Mercer


David is available through his website, davidmcfee.com, or look for him on his rarely used twitter @dmcfee

Craig can be reached on the Facebook page for SAHDPod (come give us a like!) or tweet @SAHDPod

Danny is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube under his gaming name, AlStaysHome

Matty runs TheG33kDadShow!  about parenthood in the digital age. (http://geekdad.thestrangeland.net)

*Safe for Little Ears*

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